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The 7 Nations are the lands that make up Miraland, the new world Nikki and her friends finds herself in. Each one is vastly different from each other and consists of their own styles and features.

Each nation has its own Suits the player can obtain by finishing certain chapters, achievements, buying with real money, events, or by completing their wardrobe.


Apple Federal
The largest nation within Miraland and a haven for all stylists. Nikki has commented that it looks exactly like her home. The architecural style is advanced and fashionable clothing is essential.
Lilith Kingdom
A dreamy and fantasy-inspired nation full of fairy tales, creative arts. They often hold tea parties. The gothic and lolita fashion sense is popular here.
Cloud Empire
A wealthy nation resembling the ancient Tang Dynasty. People dress up in a flowing and traditional eastern style.
Pigeon Kingdom
A medieval style nation rules by the iron and blood queen, Queen Elle. It is home to the Iron Rose Stylist Legion, which consists of 10 of the best stylists who rob people of their outfits and designs.
Northern Kingdom
A strict and war-like nation with a worshipped military. The Prime Minister is a well known designer in Lilith. In comparison to the girls of Lilith, the women here are seen as grown up and sexy. It's also a very cold region so it's known for its warm clothing.
Republic of Wasteland
The smallest nation in Miraland which does tribal styles much like the Native Americans.
Ruin Island
A futuristic nation driven by advanced technologies.