Plot Edit

To proceed to Chapter 3, The suit "Panda Dreamland" must be completed. This also begins side quests for chapters.

Stages Edit

2 - 1: Lillith Cutie Yoko Edit

  • Style: Pure Gorgeous Cute Cool Lively 

2 - 2: Cicia, Capital of Art Edit

  • Style: Lively Cute Simple Warm Pure

2 - 3: Caught by the Manager! Edit

  • Style: Mature Sexy Simple Warm Elegance 

2 - 4: Toto, Girl in Love! (2) Edit

  • Style: Pure Cute Warm Simple Lively 

2 - 5: Lisa's Casual Clothes Edit

  • Style: Lively Simple Pure Warm Mature 

2 - 6: Sport Girl Aron (2) Edit

  • Style: Cool Elegance Cute Pure Gorgeous

2 - 7: Girls' Pajama Party Edit

  • Style: Lively Warm Simple Cute Pure
  • Panda Dreamland Suit

2 - 8: Rehearsal at Theater! Edit

  • Style: Cool Pure Cute Gorgeous Elegance 

2 - 9: Dancer Star Sofia Edit

  • Style: Elegance Sexy Gorgeous Cool Mature 

2 - S1: Cinderella's Sister Edit

  • Style: Sexy Elegance Mature Warm Gorgeous 

2 - S2: Royce Interrupts Again Edit

  • Style: Simple Pure Mature Elegant Cool

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