As Lord's favorite one, Angel's silvery laughter will even make people joyful.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Dress
Style European
Attributes Cute, Gorgeous
Rarity ♡♡♡
Color White
How to Obtain 5 Short Skirt-Red + 3 Wisteria-Blue

Angel is a set the player obtains from Crafting. It cannot be customized.

Appearance Edit

A short frilly dress with ruffles on the chest and trimming the skirt. Five light blue ribbons adorn the dress, one on the collar, one on each arm, and one on either side of the skirt. Each ribbon has gold tipped tails to match the golden ornament in the center.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous: S
Lively: A
Cute: S
Pure: S
Cool: B

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