Bright Sakura
Bright Sakura
The most beautiful moment of sakura is not when they bloom, but when their petals start to fall.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Suit
Rarity  ??????
Color Pink
How to Obtain December Troupe August-September 2017

Bright Sakura is a suit obtained by gaining 100 exp while the December Troupe Festival was held from August 31st 2017 to September 4th 2017.

For completion the Player could obtain 30 gems.

Wardrobe Edit

Appearance Edit

Sakura MoonEdit

Pale pink hair mostly pulled back with the bottom half in several curls to match the hair worn over the shoulder. The bangs on the corners are slightly longer than the middle.

Bright SakuraEdit

A dress composed of a white top with lace sleeves decorated with pink and white floral designs. Pink ribbon details the chest and is held in a knot at the corner of the chest. The skirt is in two main layers, each trim with lace beneath it to match the white lace layer on top of it. The first skirt is pink, the second pale gold.

Petals DanceEdit

Translucent, pale pink heels with a decorative ornament on the toe.

Cherry StoneEdit

A single sakura, pale feathers, and barrette. A thin golden strand with an ornament on the bottom hangs from it.

Attributes Edit

Attribute Ranking


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