Candy Doll Suit
Candy Doll
Physical and Vital Information
Type Suit
Color Pink
How to Obtain Chapter 9 (Princess)

Candy Doll Suit is a Lilith Kingdom suit obtained from Chapter 9 on Princess mode.

For completing it, the player can earn 35 Diamonds.

Wardrobe Edit

Appearance Edit

Blonde DollEdit

A blonde hairstyle that ends at the chest with several loose curled locks. The short bangs are layered with a slight curl on end, and on the right of the head is a braid held by a small pink ribbon.

Candy DollEdit

A soft pink dress with pale pink lace surrounding the row of heart buttons sewn to the center of the chest. A striped ribbon wraps beneath this, with a wrapped candy hanging from one side and a star from the other. The same ribbons and detail line the bottom of the skirt. The ruffled collar is white with pale blue border and a pink ruffled trim, decorated with a ribbon and two wrapped candies. The white elbow-length sleeves have a pale pink ruffled layer and a pink ribbon tied above it. The skirt has a second, pleated layer decorated with several candies, stars, pearls, sparkles, writing, and ribbon, trim with pale pink ruffles.


Soft pink knee-socks with a lace design going up the side. The ruffled cuff is in two layers, the top white, the second pink. To the side is a pink and white accessory with tails and a wrapped candy.

Fruit SugarEdit

Pink shoes with a wedge heel and white sole decorated by stripes of pale pink. A ribbon resides on the back of the foot, while a striped bow is sewn to the front with a wrapped piece of candy on it. Tiny frills line the shoe, and off to the side is a pale pink heart-shaped button.


A white stick heart-shape lollipop of white and pink. In the middle is a smaller heart with writing on it. A small pink and white bow rests beneath this.

Candy HairpinEdit

A pink striped ribbon with a pink and white wrapped candy in the middle, along with a pearl chain that has a single pink gem on it.

Candy BraceletEdit

Soft pink ruffled wrist cuffs. Sewn to them are tiny pearl chains held with hearts and candies.


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