Chapter 1: Arriving the Wheat Field is the first act from the story mode of Love Nikki, and is used as a tutorial.

Plot Edit

The queen that introduced Nikki and Momo to the land leaves and they end up in wheat field.

Shortly after they meet a girl named Aron, and have a styling contest based on sport clothes with her. Nikki wins and meets Yoko, who was impressed by Nikki's styling skill and explains that they are on the border of Lilith kingdom and the Apple federation. She then offers to show Nikki and Momo around town, and their adventure begins.

Stages Edit

1 - 1: Sport Girl Aron (1)Edit

While wandering around, Nikki and Momo attempt to figure out what is going on when a girl by the name of Aron approaches. She asks that they compete since she was planning to go on a jog anyway. Nikki accepts after trying to learn a little more about their location.

After beating her, Nikki is approached by a girl named Yoko, who fell in love with Nikki's style and decides to help Nikki upon learning she is new to the area. She mentions being from the Lilith Kingdom, and introduces her to Wheat Field, a little town that borders Lilith Kingdom and the Apple Federation.

1 - 2: Shining Daily ClothesEdit

Nikki attempts to explain to Yoko that she and Momo are from another world but as Yoko expresses disbelief and starts to tell them about the Apple Federation. They remark that it's like the big cities from their world and Momo suggests Nikki and Yoko compete.

1 - 3: Lunar from Cloud Empire Edit

After she spots an upset girl nearby Yoko runs off in an attempt to comfort her, but with annoyance she trudges back to reveal she wouldn't say anything to her. Sadly the girl overhears them and expresses doubt that they could help anyway, so Momo convinces Nikki to beat the mysterious girl in order to learn about what is upsetting her.

Impressed with Nikki's skills, the girl introduces herself as Lunar, a designer from Cloud Empire. She explains that she came to Wheat Field to purchase the fabrics she needed when a girl stole her new design. Feeling bad, Nikki offers to help and get the design back.

1 - 4: Office Lady Vivi (1) Edit

Momo is quick to launch an attack on a nearby girl, believing she is the thief. Upset the girl fights him off while calling for help and Nikki calls him off. Annoyed, Vivi introduces herself and explains that she is a "graduated job hunter" that was on the way to her interview. Nikki apologizes and Vivi decides they can hold a quick fashion contest to help inspire her for the perfect interview outfit.

1 - 5: Toto, Girl In Love (1) Edit

The group approach a nearby girl to ask if she spotted anyone suspicious and the Roadside Beauty recalls seeing a "sassy woman" hurriedly go by holding paper. Lunar believes this is Mela, the thief, and asks where she went. The girl agrees to tell them, but admits that she is busy trying to determine what to wear for her upcoming date with an Aries photographer. She asks to have a competition to get ideas.

After their competition, the girl compliments Nikki and thanks her for the help before introducing herself as Toto. She hopes to compete again someday but before she leaves, Nikki asks about Mela. Toto thinks it over before recalling that she headed towards the school and takes her leave.

1 - 6: Bookish Girl Timi (1) Edit

Spotting a school girl up ahead the group approach to ask if she's seen Mela anywhere. The girl introduces herself as Timi but gets distracted when she realizes they must be designers. She asks if they could compete out of her desire to get someone to like her, and with no other choice they agree.

Timi thanks Nikki for her help and she recalls the "sassy girl" in question, since it's a unique style only worn by her. She mentions that Mela often hangs out at the nearby bar and suggests they check there.

1 - 7: Lead Singer: Kaze (1) Edit

Yoko is quickly taken by the leader of a band the group happen to spot, a cool girl that they decide to question in regards to Mela. Said girl happens to overhear them and approaches, introducing herself as Kaze. Nikki brings up Mela and Kaze recalls seeing her during the evening and suggests they wait a little while. In the mean time they decide to compete.

1 - 8: Lunar's Trial Edit

Genuinely touched by the groups efforts, Lunar thanks everyone for their help. However, Nikki is concerned over being able to actually beat Mela, so after she gets the other two to stop bickering, Lunar offers to  compete against Nikki in a practice round.

Lunar expresses confidence in Nikki afterwards and gifts her with a pair of shoes that she considers her prized possession.

1 - 9: Legendary Iron Rose Edit

Finally tracking down Mela the group confront her but she feels no remorse- instead bringing up that she was curious as to who was looking for her. She refuses to let them take the drawing back though and tells off Nikki when she asks to have it back if she beats her. The group show Nikki support and manage to annoy Mela until she finally agrees.

After beating her, Mela returns the designs and explains that she took them because she didn't bring her own. However she warns the group that making enemies with the Iron Rose Organization is a mistake and storms off. Seeing her concern, Yoko explains to Nikki who this group is. With that Nikki suggests they head to Lilith Kingdom since Queen Nanari summoned her there.



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