Flower Field Encounter

Chapter 6 is the sixth act in Volume 1 of the story mode of Love Nikki.

Plot Edit

In Chapter 5, Nikki and her friends go to the famous Flower Field in the border between the Lilith Kingdom and the Cloud Empire. It's said that there's a place at its end, the Ancient Pavilion, where a famous and wise stylist resides. His favorite disciple, Fu Su, says that if Nikki wants to meet the Master and receive his knowledge, then she will have to go past the Flower Fields, compete with the fairies and tourists there, and ultimately defeat him and the protectors of the land, the Ancient Pavilion Sisters (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter)

Stages Edit

6-1: Challenge Flower Field Edit

6-2: Mysterious Boy Fu Su Edit

6-3: Toto, Girl in Love (5) Edit

6-4: Sport Girl Aron (4) Edit

6-5: Lunar's Mirror Shadow Edit

6-6: The Other Side Edit

6-7: Competitions: Spring Edit

6-8: Competitions: Summer Edit

6-9: Competitions: Autumn Edit

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6-11: The truth Edit

6-S1: Encounter Bif Star Edit

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