Cinnabar Cloud
Cinnabar Cloud
It is said "the inlaid harp has fifty strings, one for each precious year."
Physical and Vital Information
Type Suit
Rarity  ??????
Color Red
How to Obtain Log In every day for 30 Days

Cinnabar Cloud is a set automatically given to the Player for signing in every day for 30 days.

For completion the Player could obtain 50 gems.

Wardrobe Edit

Appearance Edit

Brocade HeartEdit

Dark brown hair with a bun on each side of the head held by a thin braid. A section of braided hair hangs from each bun. The straight cut bangs have a single lock sticking out from the corners.

Cinnabar CloudEdit

A short red dress with dull designs in the fabric and sheer material covering the collar bone, held together by dark crimson string. Sewn to the right corner of the skirt is a ruffled ribbon piece held by multiple, dark crimson strings.

Cloud of BrocadeEdit

Sheer, dark-colored tights with the left leg accent by white swirling designs on the upper half.

Sweet ZongEdit

White pumps with a red sole and curled heel. A gold ornate accent rests on the toe.

Red SandEdit

A gold ornate hair piece with a ruby stone on the corner, crimson ribbon, and a piece of red lace fabric hanging from it.

Red Sandalwood BeadEdit

A simple red bead bracelet with a tassel.

Attributes Edit

Attribute Ranking


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