Cowboy Style
Cowboy Style
Physical and Vital Information
Type Suit
Attributes Sexy, Mature
Rarity  ??????
Color Brown
How to Obtain Princess Difficulty, Shop, Pavilion

Cowboy Style is a suit obtained through Princess difficulty levels 3-9, 5-6, 2-2, 4-3, 5-3, 5-S2, 3-S1, 4-S3, 5-9, as well as from the Clothing Store and Room of Mystery/Pavilion of Fantasy. Pieces can also be obtained through Clothing Upgrade.

For completing the suit, the player can unlock Dimensional Killer.

Wardrobe Edit

  • Western Maiden - Rare
  • Cowboy - Style
  • Western Spirit - Rare
  • Fearless - Rare
  • Forging Ahead - Rare
  • Denim Earrings - Rare
  • Denim Cap - Rare
  • Denim Scarf - Rare

Appearance Edit

Western MaidenEdit

Very thick, curled navel-length dirty blonde hair with very short bangs and chest-length forelocks.


A dark brown and crimson corset with black string on the sides and gold in the middle. The fabric is cut to reveal a chocolate-colored bikini or bra.

Western SpiritEdit

A beige jacket with stitch details and foral designs on the shoulder and torso. Beige fringe lines the inner-arm.


Ripped beige short-shorts worn beneath a pair of dark brown chaps that have gold floral designs and attach to a gold belt. On the lower half of the leg is a brown fringe.

Forging AheadEdit

Dark brown platform heels with a studded strap on the toes and top of the foot. The top strap has a dark brown fringe.

Denim EarringsEdit

Gold, hoop earrings in two layers.

Denim CapEdit

A beige cowboy hat with stitch designs and a gold and black band around the middle. Brown straps lace through the hat with a beige tips. Two white and pale gold gradient feathers rest on the side.

Denim ScarfEdit

A crimson and gold scarf with gold strands sewn to the bottom.

Attributes Edit

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