The place to go to decompose extra clothing items into Material Material. It is best to only use ones that have no icons by the item in question.

Icons Edit

Items that can be customized, evolved, are ingredients in recipes, or are needed for quests will have an icon indicating so.

Evolvable:Evolvable2 Customizable:Customizable2 Used for Crafting:Ingredient Used for Dreamweavers: Quest Material

Lost CasketEdit

There is an icon called "The Lost Casket" on the upper left side of the screen. If you decompose enough to get 100 energy for it, you'll get free items. You may also obtain the unevolved forms of the items in the Tarot Fortuneteller suit.

Energy Edit

  • 1H1 - 1 Energy
  • 2H1 - 1 Energy
  • 3H1 - 2 Energy
  • 4H1 - 4 Energy
  • 5H1 - 6 Energy
  • 6H1 - 6 Energy

Tarot Fortuneteller (Unevolved)Edit

Reconstruction Edit

For more information, see main article: Reconstruction.

This is located at the upper right side of the screen under the instructions tab, in blue.

When you decompose, you not only gain Material, but items known as: Hope Ring HopeRingIcon, Rebirth Earrings RebirthEarringsIcon, and Eternal Necklaces EternalNecklaceIcon. All these items can be used to create special items only located here.