Deer Elf
Amid the mist in the morning, stretch yourself and dust your skirt. Let's go adventure in the forest!
Physical and Vital Information
Type Suit
Color White/Green/Brown
How to Obtain Crafting and Evolution

Obtainment: Deer Elf is the suit from a past event Ball Under The Moon that took place between July 13th through July 22nd or so. The recipe can now be purchased in the Store of Starlight.

Completion Prize: 25 Diamonds

Wardrobe Edit

Appearance Edit

Roman-Epic Edit

Deer Elf-Epic Edit

Country Tassel-Epic Edit

Tassel Boots-Epic Edit

Wreath Headband-Rare Edit

Catkins Bracelet-Rare Edit

Spring Necklace-Rare Edit

Velvet Bag-Rare Edit