Doll Dress·Blue
A cute and gorgeous high-waisted doll dress, blue version.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Dress
Style European
Attributes EleganceMature
Rarity H4
Color White/Blue
Wardrobe # 33
How to Obtain Customization, Welcome gift

Doll Dress·Blue can be obtained through the Customization of Doll Dress-Pink. It can also be obtained from a welcome gift in the mailbox at the beginning of the game.

Appearance Edit

A pale blue dress with a white design in the fabric and a white sweetheart neckline top. Lace straps connect from the chest to the shoulders. The puffed sleeves reside beneath the shoulder, trim with blue ruffles to match the fabric hanging beneath the chest and down the center, both of which are accent with white frills. A ribbon hangs from each corner of the hanging fabric, while a matching bow wraps beneath the chest. Comes with a choker lined with frills. 

Customization Edit

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Elegance Mature Sexy Cool