Elegant Nobleman
A gentle, thoughtful nobleman is not supposed to be the foil who guards silently forever.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Hair
Style Unisex
Rarity ♡♡
Color Yellow
How to Obtain Pavilion of Mystery: Lottery, 3-12 (Maiden)

Elegant Nobleman is a Hair item that can be customized.

Appearance Edit

A platinum blonde cut with choppy, fluffy locks and several strands sticking up or to the side. A cowlick resides in the middle.


It can be customized into the Brother Next Door and Snow Wolf at the cost of 3 Material and dye of orange or white respectively.

It is also part of the crafting recipe for Pretty Pony Tail, Tender April, and Orchis.

Attributes Edit

Attribute Ranking
Simple B
Pure B
Lively A
Cool S
Cute S



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