A special map for the Hip-Hop Hotspot event. There are 5 stages with 2 quiz stages and 3 styling battle stages. Stamina is not needed to complete these stages. You are given 3 free attempts for each stage daily and failing a stage will not deduct an attempt. You can reset the attempts of the styling battle stages for 30 Diamond. Complete these stages to get Graffiti Paint Graffiti Paint.


1 - Griffon Bay Edit

Style: Simple, Lively, Cute, Sexy, Cool

2 - Kaja's Show Edit

Quiz Stage

3 - Orlando's Quest Edit

Quiz Stage

4 - Domian Fight Edit

Style: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Cool

Tags: Sports

5 - Make Peace Edit

Style: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Warm


Q. What forms does graffiti cover?
A. All the rest
Q. Where does contemporary hip-hop originate?
A. America
Q. Which function is included in DJ devices?
A. All of them
Q. What's BPM short for in hip-hop?
A. Beats per minute
Q. Where does House style originate?
A. Chicago
Q. What is DJ?
A. An occupation
Q. What does Freestyle mean in hip-hop?
A. Improvised rap
Q. Who is known to coin the term 'hip hop'?
A. Keith 'Cowboy' Wiggins
Q. What’s the birthplace of DJ Kool Herc?
A. Jamaica
Q. What’s NOT necessary for street graffiti?
A. Lipstick
Q. What does Tag refer to in graffiti?
A. Signature
Q. Usually, what’s NOT the feature of hip-hop clothes?
A. Grave
Q. What’s MC short for?
A. Master of ceremonies
Q. What’s NOT the type of street dance?
A. Samba
Q. Where can you find graffiti usually?
A. All the rest
Q. When did hip-hop music start?
A. 1970s
Q. What does beatbox mean?
A. Vocal percussion
Q. Which element is NOT common in hip-hop?
A. Symphony
Q. What Battling in rap?
A. A vocal contest
Q. What should you take when you watch a street show?
A. All the rest