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Aliases Mr. Joe (by Kimi)
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Zodiac Taurus
Height 190cm
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Silver
Professional Statistics
Occupation Chief Designer
Affiliation Apple Federation Apparel Group
Personal Status
Game 2-8 Rehersal at Theater!
Voice Actors
Hello? No one noticed me? ... In fact, Kimi just wants to say Nikki will be the outstanding stylist this year!

Joe is a character of the game. He is the Chief Designer from Apple Federation Apparel Group.

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Appearance Edit

Joe is an adult male with fair skin and sharp, small grey eyes. He has slight silver facial hair to match his thin eyebrows and chin-length hair, which has several strands slicked back.

He wears a black tailored suit with gold and silver details. He also wears a long black tie and several silver chains sewn to the lapel of his jack. He also wears gloves with several rings and a chain on each wrist.


Mr. Joe is a handsome and very professional man with an air of elegance and maturity. His main job is to be the companion of his boss' daughter and heiress, Kimi, and he fills it to the very letter.

Joe is mostly serious to a fault, but he seems to be pretty snarky when he wishes to, like whenever he's ignored to favor Kimi (as seen in the quote above).

Joe is also said to be a ladies' man in his free time, with several people speculating on his love life. He seems to have at least dated one high-profile actress/model from Apple Federal, plus some of his designs are also surprisingly revealing, like his masterpiece: the Snakes of Temptation high heels.

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Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen Edit

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Chapter 5 Mutated Tea Party Edit

Relationships Edit

Kimi Edit

She is one of the stylists in his group. They are shown to have a close relationship, working and traveling together. There are rumors about them being romantically interested in one another, but they are not: they're best friends and partners, nothing more and nothing less.




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