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This is a wiki for the mobile game Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen! made for and by fans. It is currently a work in progress, so feel free to create and edit pages.

What is Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen!?Edit

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen! is a mobile game created by Elex. The premise of the game is to style the main character Nikki and challenge NPCs and players alike in style duels, where the participant with the best and most relevant fashion sense wins!

Background Edit

Plot Edit

In the year 672 of New Era, the Great Stylist and King Sayet passed away. Leaving 3 great legacies behind.

For these treasures, nations were on the verge of war. Finally, reason prevailed and people decided to use styling contests to determine the ownership. The contest was held in Roertedam, a city on the border of Apple Federtaion and Pigeon Kingdom. So many stylists, designers, and models stepped onto the stage to show their best that the match lasts as long as 9 days, the intensity was beyond imagination. The contest was known as the "Nine-Day War".

And, all of the famous competitors back then didn't laugh the last laugh. Only two new stars won the final prize--young Princess Elle of Pigeon Kingdom and an anonymous girl with pink hair. Only in her 16, Princess Elle won herself 2 legacy works of the three and thus the name "The Goddess Reborn". And the girl with pink hair, who called herself "Housewife L", went away like vanishing into thin air with the last relic.

Year 676 of New Era, 20-year-old Elle assumed the throne started renowned age of "Iron Blood Reign".

A group of 10 elite stylists called Iron Rose was organized by Queen Elle to seize precious clothes parts across the whole land...

One day, Queen Nanari of Lilith Kingdom somehow summoned Nikki to this Miraland, hoping her to shift the course of this land's fate.

Chapters Edit

Act 1 Arriving the Wheat Field

Act 2 Fairy Tale World Lilith

Act 3 'Witch and Star Sea'

Act 4 The Tea Party

Act 5 Mutated Tea Party

Act 6 Flower Field Encounter

Act 7 Celestial Pavilion

Act 8 Mysterious Moonlit City

Act 9 Styling Contest Prelude

Wardrobe Edit

Gallery Suits











Store Edit

Mystery House Edit

Stylist Arena Edit

Recipe Workshop Edit

Achievements Edit

  • My Growth
  • Collection
  • Journey
  • Styling Contest

Latest activityEdit

<a href="">Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen</a>


  • October 17~24 - Haunted Night - Don't miss out on one of the spookiest events in the game! Collect Ghost Fires by clearing any Main Stages. Collecting certain amounts of them will allow you to claim Zashiki and Tengu sets. Gain a higher position in the event rank to win Banshee Momiji set!
  • October 17~24 - Haunted Night Time - A limited draw featuring the Shutendoji set and its poses. Each draw grants 10 Ghost Fires which can be used in the Haunted Night event.
  • October 16 - Sheer Dance: A reward for the new multilingual version! Simply log in once a day to claim pieces of the Sheer Dance set. Event lasts for over a month.
  • October 13~24 - Astral Priest: Recharge for at least 4.99$ USD worth of dollars to obtain the Astral Priest set.


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