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This is a wiki for the mobile game Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen! made for and by fans. It is currently a work in progress, so feel free to create and edit pages.

What is Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen!?

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen! is a mobile game created by Elex. The premise of the game is to style the main character Nikki and challenge NPCs and players alike in style duels, where the participant with the best and most relevant fashion sense wins!


In the year 672 of New Era, the Great Stylist and King Sayet passed away. Leaving 3 great legacies behind.

For these treasures, nations were on the verge of war. Finally, reason prevailed and people decided to use styling contests to determine the ownership. The contest was held in Roertedam, a city on the border of Apple Federation and Pigeon Kingdom. So many stylists, designers, and models stepped onto the stage to show their best that the match lasts as long as 9 days, the intensity was beyond imagination. The contest was known as the "Nine-Day War".

And, all of the famous competitors back then didn't laugh the last laugh. Only two new stars won the final prize--young Princess Elle of Pigeon Kingdom and an anonymous girl with pink hair. At the age of 16, Princess Elle won herself 2 legacy works of the three and thus given the name "The Goddess Reborn". The girl with pink hair, who called herself "Hostess L", went away like vanishing into thin air with the last relic.

Year 676 of New Era, 20-year-old Elle assumed the throne started renowned age of the "Iron Blood Reign".

A group of 10 elite stylists called Iron Rose was organized by Queen Elle to seize precious clothes parts across the whole land...

One day, Queen Nanari of Lilith Kingdom somehow summoned Nikki to this Miraland, hoping that she would be able to shift the course of this land's fate.


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  • February 18~24 - Recharge Suit - Purchase Diamond worth at least $4.99 USD to get the Ink Carp suit.
  • February 18~24 - Dreamy Nocturne - Complete Journey stages to collect 26px. Exchange the 26px for an A Box or B Box. Collecting a certain amount of A or B Boxes will allow you to obtain parts of either the White Masquerade or Butterfly Shade suit.
  • February 9~27 - Valentine's Day Store - There will be 4 packs in the Valentine's Day Store. Two of them will contain the Sweet Spell and Love Letters to the Sky suits. Another one will contain special Valentine's Day items. The final pack costs 60 Diamond and will give you a random amount of Stamina and Gold.
  • February 9~25 - Ice Waltz - Recipes for the Ice Waltz suit will be given to the player through the mailbox.
  • February 7~27 - Special Sale - The Sweet Hanbok Pack will be available in the Users Shop for $1.99 USD. Buy it to obtain 100 Diamond, 100 VIP Exp, and the Sweet Hanbok set.
The story events that has been released so far are Evernight's Dream and Ghost Gathering. Which of the main suits do you like the most?

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