Discord is a free voice and text chat application, although the wiki only uses the latter feature as an alternative means for communication between editors. The wiki server can be accessed using this link. Server competitions are also held here. Feel free to join in!

Please be mindful that this discord is a spoiler territory, meaning unreleased content from other versions of the game is present without warning. If you do not want to be spoiled, please refrain from joining in.


The main rule is to have fun! But to ensure proper behavior within the channel, we must set some ground rules to create a controlled environment. These rule can be changed by an admin at any time without warning. Unfitting behavior that the following rules do not cover will be moderated accordingly.

  1. Respect others as you would expect others to treat you. Under no circumstances should you harass or, in other ways, disrespect another user.
  2. As this game is catered towards younger kids as well, please refrain from cursing or saying inappropriate things. Excessive swearing or inappropriate language is not allowed.
  3. Please try and use all channels correctly and accordingly. This rule is not strictly regulated, but if an admin finds a discussion inappropriate for a channel (example being #done or #to-do-list), the whole conversation may be deleted.
  4. Spamming excessively to the point of irritating fellow users is not allowed.
  5. No NSFW or illegal content is permitted.
  6. Impersonating another member is not allowed.
  7. Do not post real-life personal contact information.
  8. Unsolicited advertisement unrelated to Love Nikki is not allowed.
  9. This is an English-speaking group, so please use English when discussing.

Breaking any of these may result in a warning, a kick, a temporary ban, and repeat offenses a permanent ban.

For rules about styling competition and voting, please check the pins in respective channels.