Userboxes are small colored boxes which allows users to add small messages on their user page. Most people use this to share facts about themselves, such as their interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

For a look on its development in the wiki and usage, refer to this blog post.


  1. Add {{ }} marks to your page using Source mode.
  2. Between the marks, add the name of the userbox (for example Momo, Admin, Libra, etc) and make sure there are no spaces between the {{ }} marks.
  3. To make a new row/organize them, make another set of {{ }} marks and add clr between them.
  4. If it worked, the userbox will appear on your page!

List of Userboxes


5C030B7A-9BE0-4D84-96E6-05C2BD9000E6 This user is an Administrator on the Love Nikki Wiki.




C391B15D-8479-41D6-B9E3-20F8DFE2B722 This user loves Momo!
C319438B-5238-4AD4-BFCB-E90168111EFC This user loves Nikki!


1518821938679 This user dislikes Momo!
D2C95E32-D79F-4313-98AC-321D00071C21 This user does not love Nikki!

Love Nikki


Warm This user loves Warm styles!
Cute This user loves Cute styles!
Pure This user loves Pure styles!
Elegance This user loves Elegant styles!
Simple This user loves Simple styles!
Sexy This user loves Sexy styles!
Gorgeous This user loves Gorgeous styles!
Mature This user loves Mature styles!
Lively This user loves Lively styles!
Cool This user loves Cool styles!

Love Nikki/Other

69C24753-07FD-410E-80A6-62E86F1A91A8 This user spends real money when playing Love Nikki!
Diamond This user loves Diamonds!
Gold This user collects Gold!
1518756374754 This user is in a Stylist Association!
1518818846732 This user owns a Stylist Association!
1518818912453 This user comes dressed in their best at the Stylist Arena!
1518822120885 Ask this user for their Friend Code! Yay Friendship!
1518821964753 This user loves to Craft Recipes! Let's make a new item!
1518822036058 This user does not play enough Love Nikki!
1518821995015 This user plays too much Love Nikki!