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Aliases Cat (by Vivi)
Fatty Cat
Silly Cat
Fatty Kitty (by Mayor)
Little Cat (by Royce)
Fat Cat (by Mela)
Physical and Vital Information
Race Cat
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 25th
Zodiac Leo
Height A secret that won't ever be revealed
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light brown
Professional Statistics
Occupation Exclusive fashion adviser for Nikki
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed great-great-grandfather
Unnamed grandfather
Game Prologue Queen's Shadow
Voice Actors
English Jessica Resheske
If you think saying this will persuade the developer to give you extra lines, dream on! The main character will always be Big Meow and his grilled fish!

Momo is one of the main characters of the game and a friend of Nikki's who assists her. He is a small, fat, and sarcastic cat obsessed with grilled fish.



Momo is a white cat with a sarcastic expression and a slightly pudgy belly. He has a single lock of light brown hair and wears a gold hood held with a red bow.

For Christmas Momo wears a red cape and hood with white fur trim. On his neck is a gold bell with leaf, and he carries a big brown sack.


Momo is generally nice, but like most cats Momo can be sassy and a bit greedy when it comes to his food or his pride. He is helpful and prideful, but the type to bluntly point out the fault in others. He also makes many comments on the beauty of the girls around him, and seems especially attached to Nikki's sister-like friend Lunar.


S-rank Edit

  • "Nikki, I'm beginning to fall in love with you!! A perfect appearance for a cat"
  • "There is no stylist better than you in the entire Miraland."
  • "Hah hah hah hah hah~ Like I said, no one can defeat Nikki!”
  • "I can finally say this: Nikki you are even more awesome than grilled fish!”
  • "I heard that by hanging around Momo, you can get a perfect taste in style.”
  • "Is that you, Nikki? You must have been possessed by the goddess of style!"
  • "YOU ARE MY SUPERSTAR!~~ meow meow meow meow~"
  • "If you were there in the Nine-Day War, you would have won all 3 of the treasures!"
  • "YEAH! Nikki, you are too stunning for my eyes!”
  • "I am so excited! You are the winner!"
  • "Perfect performance! Congratulations on turning the tide!"
  • "Unbelievable! You're more awesome than grilled fish!"
  • "Congratulations on finishing your apprenticeship!~"
  • "I need to check if pigs are flying. Nikki you must be possessed by Venus herself!"
  • "Let's publish a fashion magazine, Nikki! It will definitely sell all over the world!"
  • "Tell them that you are the No.1 goddess in the Cloud Empire!"

A-rank Edit

  • "Walking on the street like this, I feel pretty cool!"
  • "A little bit more, just a little. What? You say I'm nitpicking? I am not..."
  • "If you walk on the street like this, maybe some talent scout will spot you!"
  • "Great sense of style! But you can do better!"
  • "I still can't give you full score... Hey I am not being harsh!"
  • "You are just one step away from finishing your apprenticeship!"
  • "Good enough for a fashion magazine, but not enough to hit the cover."
  • "You are as perfect as grilled fish. Actually, you can be even better than that!"
  • "A clumsy bird has to start flying early. Congratulations! You are about to fly!"

B-rank Edit

  • "Wearing such ordinary clothing... If you're thrown into a crowd no one is going to find you."
  • "How are you going to complete the tasks if you don't improve yourself?!!"
  • "Given your ability, are you really going to be able to help Timi to win her senior's heart?"
  • "You passed. But you should pursue excellence."
  • "You'll never catch up with Toto. She has almost collected all 12 zodiac boyfriends."
  • "Did you listen to my aesthetic teaching at all?"
  • "Not bad, well... I cannot think of anything else to say at the moment."
  • "You need to work harder if you want to stand out in the fashion industry!"

C-rank Edit

  • "All I want to say now is that you can pass even when you are mediocre."
  • "When you walk on the street, please don't turn around to talk to me."
  • "It's better than not wearing anything... just a little better."
  • "An ordinary taste, Nikki! Pick yourself up, Nikki! This won't work, Nikki!"
  • "I don't want to go out with you like this. Please be more like a girl, will you?"

F-rank Edit

  • "Don't cry, Nikki. Let's go to Kimi to practice more."
  • "Now I wish I could turn back time..."
  • "No, it’s not tear... Just sand in my eyes..."
  • "So tired... We should find a forest in Republic of Wasteland and live as hermits."
  • "I wonder if Queen Nanari regrets bringing you here."
  • "Nobody is born a great stylist... But you should really try harder!"
  • "The best stylist is ones sees most losses... and most victories!"
  • "Now I really doubt if grilled fish would help..."
  • "Don't force me to retire now... I know you can do better."
  • "Here, have some grilled fish and get yourself together. That's all I can do..."
  • "Oh no, I must be dreaming. I should just go back to sleep."
  • "Now I want to leave Miraland!"
  • "You know what, we should really pay attention to theme."
  • "Please, leave me alone for a while..."
  • "Lucky that I'm just a cat..."

Trivia Edit

  • In Japanese, Momo (桃) means peach.
  • In many of the earlier promotional materials for the game on the official Facebook page, it was said that Momo enjoyed eating bacon rather than grilled fish.[1]
  • In the Chinese game, Momo's favorite food is pork belly.

References Edit

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