Aliases Cat (Vivi)

Fatty Cat (Bobo) Kritten (Lunar)

Physical and Vital Information
Race Cat
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 25th
Zodiac Leo
Height A secret that won't ever be revealed
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light Brown
Professional Statistics
Occupation Exclusive fashion adviser for Nikki
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Grandfather
Game Prologue Queen's Shadow
Voice Actors
English Jessica Resheske
If you think saying this will persuade the developer to give you extra lines, dream on! The main character will always be Big Meow and his grilled fish!

Momo is one of the main characters of the game and a friend of Nikki's who assists her. He is a small, fat and sarcastic cat obsessed with grilled fish.



Momo is a white cat with a sarcastic expression and a slightly pudgy belly. He has a single lock of light brown hair and wears a gold hood held with a red bow.

For Christmas Momo wears a red cape and hood with white fur trim. On his neck is a gold bell with leaf, and he carries a big brown sack.


Generally nice, but like most cats Momo can be sassy and a bit greedy when it comes to his food or pride. He is helpful and prideful, but the type to bluntly point out the fault in others.


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Relationships Edit


Nikki is one of Momo's best friends. He is hard on her but is well meaning.


He and Bobo often bicker over silly things and appear to dislike each other, but they have a friendship.


Momo gains an admirable crush on her.


  • In Japanese, Momo (桃) means peach.


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