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Aliases Little Miss (Mela)

My Lady (Qiong)

Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Pink
Professional Statistics
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Game Chapter 1: Arriving the Wheat Field
Voice Actors

Nikki is the title character and the main protagonist of the game. She dresses up in different styles to win stylist battles as she travels across seven different nations with different styles.

She has a partner who assists her by the name of Momo.



Nikki's appearance often changes as a result of her being a stylist who participates in style battles.

Her normal appearance is that of a fair-skinned teenage girl with long pink hair that reaches her waist with navel-length forelocks and straightened bangs that have a small split in the corner. Her warm, gentle eyes are amber with a hint of pink or gold to them.

Her casual attire consists of a white and pink floral lace dress.


Nikki is a kind and thoughtful girl who makes friends wherever she goes due to her warm and sweet nature. She is not shown to lose her temper; being patient and understanding towards others. She is also very wise when it comes to fashion decisions, although she appears to be a little less confident than most.  




  • In Japanese, the word nikki means Diary.


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