Nikki's Pinky
Nikki's favorite hairstyle. It shines wherever she goes!
Physical and Vital Information
Type Hair
Attributes SimplePure
Rarity H2
Color Pink
Wardrobe # 1
How to Obtain Unlocked from Start

Nikki's Pinky is a hair piece obtained at the start of the game. It is only obtained once and cannot be decomposed.

It is Nikki's default hairstyle.

Appearance Edit

Long, thick waist length hair with a slight gradient. Several strands of hair curl, with matching navel-length forelocks and straight cut choppy bangs. 

Attributes Edit

Attribute Ranking
Simple S
Pure A
Lively A
Warm A
Cute A


  • Although this hair piece is based on Nikki's normal hair, there are a variety of differences between it and how her hair normally looks.


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