North Kingdom Symbol

Northern Kingdom is one of the 7 Nations. Located in the north of Miraland, this kingdom is known for it's mature and sexy styling for women.

This is a country in the north of Miraland, advocating military and fighting. Royal army, local warlords, mercenaries, pirates... the war horn and heroic epic never disappear on this piece of land.

The strong and unyielding warrior birthed among wars are good at neutral, arctic and uniform style. Simple but solid black stone fortresses are everywhere.

Northern Kingdom usually does not get much involved in situations on mainland. But when something is imminent, this "northern wolf under the baptism of storms and fire" cannot stay outside the whirlpool this time...

--- From "Fish and Bacon", Mo Mo the Master


The emblem resembles a large stylized cross or four-pointed badge with a sphere on each tip and an N in the middle, resting above the word KINGDOM. Two guns cross in front of it, while a ribbon and crown reside on the top. Behind the design is a leaf circlet or wreath. 


North Kingdom


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