Sporty Teenager
He is good at almost every sport. He never quits and he is the symbol of persistence
Physical and Vital Information
Type Hair
Style Unisex
Attributes Simple, Pure
Rarity ♡♡♡
Color Brown
How to Obtain Clothes Store: 1250 coins

Pavillion of Mystery/Fantasy: Lottery

Sporty Teenager is a hair that can be bought at the Clothes Store or can be won at the Pavillion of Fantasy and the Pavillion of Mystery.

Appearance Edit

A simple pale brown boys cut with a few locks of loose hair. The bangs are mostly brushed to the side.


Sporty Teenager is customizable into Untamed Heart or Rising Star, at the cost of 3 Material and one Orange or Yellow Dye, respectively.

Attributes Edit

Attribute Ranking
Simple S
Lively A
Cute A
Pure S
Cool A



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