Overview Customization Rare Hair Dress Coat Top Bottom Hosiery Shoes Accessory Makeup

This is the exchange for Stylist's Arena where you trade Starlight Coins for Dyes, Materials, and Recipes.

All dyes are available for 8Starlight Coin each, except for Other Dye dye which costs 12Starlight Coin each. All cloth patterns are available for 20Starlight Coin each.

The store of starlight consists of multiple tabs, namely Customization, Rare, Hair, Dress, Coat, Top, Bottom, Hosiery, Shoes, Accessory and Makeup.

Note: Some recipes receive a discount depending on your VIP Rank.

Note 2: Not all recipes & prices are listed.

Recipe Type Cost Part of Suit?
Afterglow-Dress Dress 164Starlight Coin Afterglow
Army Floppy Hat Accessory 15Starlight Coin Army Major
Army Major Coat 22Starlight Coin Army Major
Assassin Hosiery 31Starlight Coin Evolves into Assassin-Rare (part of Assassin's Faith)
Assassin's Belt Accessory 21Starlight Coin Evolves into Assassin's Belt-Rare (part of Assassin's Faith)
Assassin's Gloves Accessory 18Starlight Coin Evolves into Assassin's Gloves-Rare (part of Assassin's Faith)
Assault Rifle Accessory 54Starlight Coin Yanila Pirate
Azure Jewel Hair 145Starlight Coin Stunning Beauty
Bat Charm Rare 44Starlight Coin Nightly Spirit
Bat Shadow Rare 54Starlight Coin Nightly Spirit
Bell Bag Accessory 31Starlight Coin
Binding Bandage Accessory 168Starlight Coin Marionette Grice

Evolves into Charming Collar (part of Grice)

Black & White Galaxy Dress 18Starlight Coin
Black Baseball Cap Accessory 17Starlight Coin Evolves into Striped Baseball Cap (part of Magic Star)
Black Petal Accessory 15Starlight Coin Gothic Lolita
Blue Purity-Skirt Bottom 58Starlight Coin
Boundary Gloves Accessory 33Starlight Coin Mechanical Heart
British Plaid-Brown Hosiery 28Starlight Coin
Broken Puppet Accessory 204Starlight Coin Marionette Grice

Evolves into String Puppet (part of Grice)

Broken Silver Crown Accessory 115Starlight Coin Marionette Grice

Evolves into Charming Crown (part of Grice)

Broken Step Shoes 178Starlight Coin Marionette Grice

Evolves into Spread Charm (part of Grice)

Broken Yoke Accessory 209Starlight Coin Marionette Grice

Evolves into String Yoke (part of Grice)

Bud Painter Cap Accessory 18Starlight Coin Oil Painter
Bunny Pocket-Pink Top 65Starlight Coin
Butterfly Wings Coat 56Starlight Coin Crane Berry
Camellia Accessory 22Starlight Coin Evolves into Camellia Hairpin-Rare (part of Spring Camellia)
Camouflage Cap Accessory 18Starlight Coin Northern Solider
Camouflage Gloves Accessory 30Starlight Coin Northern Solider
Campus Dream Accessory 25Starlight Coin Time Idol
Candy Heart Dress 66Starlight Coin
Catkins Bracelet Rare 21Starlight Coin Evolves into Catkins Bracelet-Rare (part of Deer Elf)
China Flower Headband Accessory 40Starlight Coin Ink Wash Painting
China Flower Necklace Accessory 28Starlight Coin Ink Wash Painting
Christmas Skirt Bottom 83Starlight Coin
Christmas Sweater Top 61Starlight Coin
Cicada Skirt-Pink Bottom 55Starlight Coin
Civilization-White Top 48Starlight Coin
Clear Nurse Cap Rare 11Starlight Coin Sly Angel
Cloud Furry Boots Shoes 26Starlight Coin
Cloud Ink Hair 48Starlight Coin Can customize into Rosy Clouds (part of Afterglow)
Cloud Sachet Accessory 14Starlight Coin Afterglow
Clouds Folding Fan Accessory 27Starlight Coin Afterglow
Colorful Butterfly Coat 52Starlight Coin
Comfortable Summer-Blue Bottom 13Starlight Coin
Constant-Brown Hair 30Starlight Coin Maple Leaf
Country Tassel Rare 33Starlight Coin Evolves into Country Tassel-Epic (part of Deer Elf)
Cranberry Accessory 41Starlight Coin Crane Berry
Crayon Hairpin Accessory 31Starlight Coin Oil Painter
Cross Pendant Accessory 23Starlight Coin Magic Star
Curtained Hat Accessory 48Starlight Coin Sword Girl
Cute Curls Hair 65Starlight Coin
Cute Sheep Bag Rare 14Starlight Coin
Dancer's Veil Accessory 27Starlight Coin Western Dancer
Dark Swings Rare 60Starlight Coin Nightly Spirit
Data of Love Shoes 43Starlight Coin Mechanical Heart
Deer Antler Rare 48Starlight Coin Queen of Deer Elf
Deer Elf-Dress Rare 35Starlight Coin Evolves into Deer Elf-Epic (part of Deer Elf)
Delusive Clinic Rare 14Starlight Coin White Demon
Demeanor-Blue Coat 17Starlight Coin
Desert Accessory 16Starlight Coin Tribe Totem
Devil's Hands Rare 15Starlight Coin White Demon
Downcast Soul Makeup 258Starlight Coin Marionette Grice

Evolves into Charm All Beings (part of Grice)

Dragon Maiden Hair 24Starlight Coin Dragon Maiden
Dream Veil Accessory 29Starlight Coin Realized Dream
Elegant Long Hair Hair 33Starlight Coin Yanila Pirate
Elf Anklet Hosiery 30Starlight Coin Evolves into Elf Anklet-Epic (part of Light Fairy)
Elf Queen's Antlers Rare 35Starlight Coin Queen of Deer Elf
Elf-Gold Hair 56Starlight Coin Lily Fairy
Elf's Whisper Shoes 45Starlight Coin Lily Fairy
Embroidered Shoes Shoes 168Starlight Coin Stunning Beauty
Extraordinary Elf Rare 55Starlight Coin Queen of Deer Elf
Face Veil Accessory 50Starlight Coin Sword Girl
Fairy Lady Shoes 88Starlight Coin Vintage Lady
Fallen Bud Jewel Accessory 98Starlight Coin Stunning Beauty
Fashion Baseball Cap Accessory 29Starlight Coin Skateboard Girl
Floating Kite-Blue Hair 90Starlight Coin Can customize into Floating Kite-Gold (part of Divine Kite Elf)
Floral Bride Shoes 43Starlight Coin Realized Dream
Flower Elf Gloves Accessory 24Starlight Coin Lily Fairy
Flower Makeup-Pistil Makeup 245Starlight Coin Stunning Beauty
Fresh Pomelo Hair 24Starlight Coin Fast Food Waitress
Garter Socks Hosiery 29Starlight Coin Time Idol
Gauze Coat 25Starlight Coin Evolves into Gauze-Epic (part of Magic Star)
Gemini Brush Accessory 31Starlight Coin Oil Painter
Gentle Doctor Coat 28Starlight Coin Sacred Doctor
Gentle Waiter Hair 26Starlight Coin
Gentle Waiter-Shirt Top 23Starlight Coin
Gentle Waiter-Trousers Bottom 54Starlight Coin
Gentle Waiter-Vest Coat 26Starlight Coin
Gentleman of Bloch Shoes 35Starlight Coin Stripe Gentleman
Gold Jewelry Hair 60Starlight Coin Vintage Lady
Golden Years Dress 123Starlight Coin
Gothic Lolita-Hair Hair 15Starlight Coin Gothic Lolita
Graceful Orchid Shoes 27Starlight Coin Orchid's Chant
Graceful Sprig Accessory 102Starlight Coin Stunning Beauty
Gray-White Stripe Hosiery 18Starlight Coin Evolves into Gray-white Stockings (part of Magic Star)
Guard Sunshine Rare 15Starlight Coin
Heart Territory Rare 14Starlight Coin Sly Angel
Iceland Warrior Hair 23Starlight Coin Army Major
Jade Cicada Hair 20Starlight Coin Evolves into Jade Cicada-Rare (part of Spring Camellia)
Joyful Childhood-Pink Shoes 42Starlight Coin
Juvenile Compassion Rare 12Starlight Coin White Demon
Knitted Coat Coat 33Starlight Coin Oil Painter
Knitted Sweater-Green Top 49Starlight Coin
Knotting Culture Accessory 20Starlight Coin Tribe Totem
Kylin Sword Accessory 24Starlight Coin Sword Girl
Lace Boots Shoes 30Starlight Coin Tribe Totem
Leaf Bracelet Rare 13Starlight Coin Princess Azhar
Leaf Necklace Rare 17Starlight Coin Princess Azhar
Leaf Ribbon Rare 15Starlight Coin Princess Azhar
Light Cane Accessory 62Starlight Coin Evolves into Light Cane-Rare (part of Light Fairy)
Light Neckwear Rare 18Starlight Coin Evolves into Light Neckwear-Epic (part of Miss Anna)
Lily Belt Accessory 38Starlight Coin Lily Fairy
Lily Bracelet Accessory 45Starlight Coin Lily Fairy
Lily Fairy Top 132Starlight Coin Lily Fairy
Lily Gem Accessory 27Starlight Coin Lily Fairy
Lily Gemstone Accessory 26Starlight Coin Lily Fairy
Lily Petals Bottom 58Starlight Coin Lily Fairy
Little Anna Rare 24Starlight Coin Evolves into Little Anna-Epic (part of Miss Anna)
Long Leather Gloves Accessory 18Starlight Coin Army Major
Loyal Guard Hair 35Starlight Coin Heart Knight
Loyalty White Rare 10Starlight Coin Luna Angel
Luster Brocade Coat 135Starlight Coin Stunning Beauty
Luxury Beauty Rare 20Starlight Coin Princess Azhar
Magic Flower Accessory 15Starlight Coin Gothic Lolita
Magic Flower Bracelet Accessory 15Starlight Coin Gothic Lolita
Magic Flower Necklace Accessory 15Starlight Coin Gothic Lolita
Maple Leaf Headband Accessory 25Starlight Coin Maple Leaf
Maple Woods Shoes 32Starlight Coin Maple Leaf
Mask of Night Bottom 25Starlight Coin Gothic Lolita
Mechanical Hair Hair 41Starlight Coin Mechanical Heart
Melodious Night Bottom 78Starlight Coin Vintage Lady
Messy Turmoil Hair 156Starlight Coin Marionette Grice

Evolves into Bewitching (part of Grice)

Midnight Elf Dress 50Starlight Coin
Minstrel Boy Hair 45Starlight Coin Evolves into Minstrel Boy-Rare (part of Sword Girl)
Miss Anna-Dress Rare 39Starlight Coin Evolves into Miss Anna-Epic (part of Miss Anna)
Moment Like a Dream Rare 20Starlight Coin Princess Azhar
Moon Destiny Hair 50Starlight Coin Realized Dream
Moon Fairy-White Rare 10Starlight Coin Luna Angel
Moon Jade Pendant Rare 10Starlight Coin Luna Angel
Moon Knot Rare 25Starlight Coin Luna Angel
Moon Pendant Rare 10Starlight Coin Luna Angel
Moon Rabbit-Red Rare 15Starlight Coin Luna Angel
Moon Tonight Rare 10Starlight Coin Luna Angel
Mossberry Accessory 38Starlight Coin Crane Berry
Muffin Shoes Shoes 16Starlight Coin Evolves into Muffin Shoes-Epic (part of Magic Star)
Musical Notes-Black Hair 28Starlight Coin Fragrance Villa
Natasha Hair 25Starlight Coin Evolves into Natasha-Rare (part of Assassin's Faith)
Nebula Hair 20Starlight Coin Evolves into Nebula-Epic (part of Magic Star)
Night Rosa Accessory 68Starlight Coin Vintage Lady
Night Ruin Top 25Starlight Coin Gothic Lolita
Nightly Crown Rare 50Starlight Coin Nightly Spirit
Nightly Necklace Rare 48Starlight Coin Nightly Spirit
Nightly Spirit-Dress Rare 186Starlight Coin Nightly Spirit
Nightmare Clinic Rare 13Starlight Coin White Demon
Nikki's Shirt-Black Top 28Starlight Coin
Noble Childe Hosiery 33Starlight Coin Romeo
Noble Deer Queen Rare 46Starlight Coin Queen of Deer Elf
Noisy Night Wind Hair 45Starlight Coin Skateboard Girl
Old Photos Dress 20Starlight Coin
Orchis Hair 55Starlight Coin Orchid's Chant
Over-knee Army Boots Shoes 25Starlight Coin Army Major
Painter's Shoes Shoes 35Starlight Coin Oil Painter
Palace-Sunset Rare 10Starlight Coin Luna Angel
Party Life Rare 16Starlight Coin Princess Azhar
Pastoral Pizza Shoes 29Starlight Coin Fast Food Waitress
Peach's Uniform Rare 15Starlight Coin Sly Angel
Peachy Gloves Rare 12Starlight Coin Sly Angel
Phoenix Cape Accessory 7Starlight Coin Lily Fairy
Pick Rose Hat Rare 24Starlight Coin Evolves into Rose Hat-Epic (part of Miss Anna)
Pink Doll Rare 22Starlight Coin Evolves into Pink Doll-Epic (part of Miss Anna)
Pink Gloves Rare 22Starlight Coin Evolves into Pink Gloves-Epic (part of Miss Anna)
Pirate Cloak Coat 50Starlight Coin Yanila Pirate
Plume of Black Swan Rare 50Starlight Coin Ingredient for Plume of Black Swan-Dream (part of Black Swan)
Plume of Black Swan-Dream Rare 50Starlight Coin Black Swan
Plume of White Swan Rare 25Starlight Coin Ingredient for Plume of White Swan-Dream (part of White Swan)

Evolves into Plume of Black Swan (ingredient for Plume of Black Swan-Dream, part of Black Swan)

Plume of White Swan-Dream Rare 25Starlight Coin White Swan
Plunder Earrings Accessory 31Starlight Coin Yanila Pirate
Prance Shoes 31Starlight Coin Time Idol
Princess Azhar-Hair Rare 15Starlight Coin Princess Azhar
Pristine Dancer Rare 65Starlight Coin White Swan

Evolves into Free Dancer (part of Black Swan)

Pupil of Silver Wings Makeup 56Starlight Coin Mechanical Heart
Puppet Grice Dress 428Starlight Coin Marionette Grice

Evolves into Grice-Dress (part of Grice)

Queen of Deer Elf Rare 165Starlight Coin Queen of Deer Elf
Realized Dream Dress 232Starlight Coin Realized Dream
Reindeer Hairpins Accessory 24Starlight Coin
Roman Rare 30Starlight Coin Evolves into Roman-Epic (part of Deer Elf)
Rose Accessory 29Starlight Coin Romeo
Round Sunglasses Accessory 17Starlight Coin Magic Star
Ruin Girl Hair 31Starlight Coin Future Space
Sailor Suit Top 66Starlight Coin
School Costume Top 38Starlight Coin Time Idol
School Girl Hair 28Starlight Coin Time Idol
Sea of Stars Shoes 104Starlight Coin Star Sea
Silent Cherry-Skirt Bottom 52Starlight Coin
Simplicity Bottom 47Starlight Coin
Singer-Pink Dress 58Starlight Coin
Skateboard Stockings Hosiery 40Starlight Coin Skateboard Girl
Skeletons Necklace Accessory 43Starlight Coin Yanila Pirate
Skeletons Pirate Hat Accessory 52Starlight Coin Yanila Pirate
Snow Diamond Bracelet Rare 60Starlight Coin White Swan

Evolves into Black Diamond Bracelet (part of Black Swan)

Snow Diamond Chain Rare 45Starlight Coin White Swan

Evolves into Desire Black Diamond (part of Black Swan)

Snow-white Body Rare 45Starlight Coin White Swan

Evolves into Black Desire (part of Black Swan)

Snowflake Miniskirt Bottom 68Starlight Coin
Snowflake Socks Hosiery 46Starlight Coin
Snowy Maple Leaf Accessory 24Starlight Coin Maple Leaf
Snowy Wings Rare 50Starlight Coin White Swan

Evolves into Wild Dance (part of Black Swan)

Sour Cranberry Shoes 49Starlight Coin Crane Berry
Space Travel Bottom 32Starlight Coin Time Idol
Sprig Necklace Rare 23Starlight Coin Evolves into Sprig Necklace-Rare (part of Deer Elf)
Spring Bud Accessory 105Starlight Coin Stunning Beauty
Star of Dancing Hair 117Starlight Coin Star Sea
Star Sea Dress 353Starlight Coin Star Sea
Starsea Gloves Accessory 80Starlight Coin Star Sea
Starsea Necklace Accessory 75Starlight Coin Star Sea
Steady Heartbeat Rare 13Starlight Coin Sly Angel
Stunning Beauty Dress 408Starlight Coin Stunning Beauty
Sunset Scenery Shoes 42Starlight Coin Afterglow
Super Agent-Shoes Shoes 42Starlight Coin Beautiful Agent
Swan of Innocence Rare 50Starlight Coin White Swan

Evolves into Swan of Desire (part of Black Swan)

Sweet Filling Bottom 20Starlight Coin Sweet Pastry Cook
Sweet Knight Accessory 24Starlight Coin Heart Knight
Swimming Carp Hair 40Starlight Coin Diving Carp
Sword Shadow Shoes 32Starlight Coin Evolves into Sword Shadow-Rare (part of Assassin's Faith)
Tank Top-Black Top 13Starlight Coin
Tassel Boots Rare 29Starlight Coin Evolves into Tassel Boots-Epic (part of Deer Elf)
Time Choker Accessory 42Starlight Coin Future Space
Time Gloves Accessory 30Starlight Coin Future Space
Time Hairpin Accessory 40Starlight Coin Future Space
Time Pestle Rare 10Starlight Coin Luna Angel
To Youth Shoes 28Starlight Coin Youth Melody
Token of Knight Accessory 30Starlight Coin Heart Knight
Trendy Sneakers Shoes 38Starlight Coin Skateboard Girl
Tribal Armband Accessory 18Starlight Coin Tribe Totem
Tribal Girl Linen Hair 20Starlight Coin Tribe Totem
Tribal Spirit Coat 23Starlight Coin Tribe Totem
Twist Socks-Black Hosiery 28Starlight Coin Maple Leaf
Uncommon Headphones Accessory 31Starlight Coin Skateboard Girl
Velvet Bag Rare 24Starlight Coin Evolves into Velvet Bag-Rare (part of Deer Elf)
Vintage Lady Cap Accessory 48Starlight Coin Vintage Lady
Vintage Lady-Top Top 74Starlight Coin Vintage Lady
Vintage Uniform Top 24Starlight Coin Tender April
Waitress-Shirt Top 58Starlight Coin Fast Food Waitress
Waitress-Skirt Bottom 58Starlight Coin Fast Food Waitress
Warrior Shoes 45Starlight Coin Romeo
Wasteland Satchel Accessory 19Starlight Coin Tribe Totem
Western Dancer-Hair Hair 55Starlight Coin Western Dancer
White Brocade Shoes 18Starlight Coin Dragon Maiden
White Demon-Coat Rare 11Starlight Coin White Demon
White Swan Earrings-Dress Rare 50Starlight Coin White Swan

Evolves into Black Swan Earrings (part of Black Swan)

White Swan-Dress Rare 90Starlight Coin White Swan

Evolves into Black Swan-Dress (part of Black Swan)

White Swan's Crown Rare 55Starlight Coin White Swan

Evolves into Black Swan's Crown (part of Black Swan)

Wild Choker Accessory 14Starlight Coin Tribe Totem
Winter Gloves Accessory 14Starlight Coin
Winter Scarf Accessory 21Starlight Coin
Winter Short Boots Shoes 49Starlight Coin
Wooden Palette Accessory 26Starlight Coin Oil Painter
Wreath Headband Rare 25Starlight Coin Evolves into Wreath Headband-Rare (part of Deer Elf)
Youth Melody-Light Pink Hair 12Starlight Coin Youth Melody