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Located in the top-left building on the starting map, the Stylist's Arena is where you directly compete head-to-head in a one-on-one challenge against other players, based on a theme. Each Arena Season will last a week.

This is the primary source of Starlight Coins: Starlight Coin, which is used to buy crafting recipes. You gain three per loss and five per win.

There are also tiers to reach as you gain more points in the arena. Each win gives you points and each loss loses points. The amount you gain or lose is based off the opponent's points. Additional Starlight Coin are earned based on your Stylist Grade and rank.

Stylist GradeEdit

This is according to your points. Each win will earn you a star. There are 5 grades in total and you'll need to get 5 stars in your current grade before unlocking the next grade. The higher grade you're in, the tougher the opponents tend to be. After each season, you'll get diamonds, gold, and starlight coins according to your grade.

Note: You can lose stars and grades.


Intern Stylist

Intern Stylist

Assistant Stylist

Assistant Stylist

Senior Stylist

Senior Stylist

Expert Stylist Counsellor

Expert Stylist Counsellor

Queen of Stylist

Queen of Stylist



Ranking RewardsEdit

After each season, the top 20 players will obtain extra rewards.

Arena Rank Rewards

Themes Edit

There are a few different themes that players will encounter. Some themes will not show up until you reach a higher rank.


Intern TranslatorEdit

To show Professionalism, simple and elegant outfit is very important.

Uses cute, cool, elegance, pure, simple.

Christmas Reunion Edit

In such a big festival, wear your simple and warm clothes to enjoy reunion!

Uses warm, cute, simple, lively, and pure.

Golden Odeum Edit

Such a concert deserves your most shiny, graceful dress.

Uses gorgeous, elegance, mature, sexy, and warm.

Summer Story Edit

The simple cool outfit is a must-have in this hot summer!

Uses simple, elegance, cute, pure, and cool.

Fairytale Garden Edit

You feel like entering an elegant and cute dreamland in the garden.

Uses gorgeous, elegance, cute, pure, and cool.

Imperial Ball Edit

In this grand ceremony, gorgeous and graceful dress will make you sexy!

Uses gorgeous, elegance, mature, sexy, and warm.

Peerless Beauty Edit

This peerless beauty is surpassing all flowers

Uses gorgeous, elegance, mature, pure, and warm.

Beach Party Edit

Cool sassy bikini is perfect for a beach party.

Uses simple, lively, cute, sexy, and cool.

Office Star Edit

Will the mature elegant white collar be your ideal job?

Uses simple, elegance, mature, sexy, and cool.

A Growing Lady Edit

The pure elegant maid is just like a bud before bloom.

Uses: simple, elegance, mature, pure, and warm.

Fire in the Winter Edit

In the cold North Kingdom, we also need hot and lively garments!

Uses: Gorgeous, Sexy, Lively, Warm, Cute 

Great Detective Edit

The simple detective dress always reminds one of the elegance of Baker Street.

Uses: simple, elegance, mature, pure, and warm.

Delicate Beauty Edit

Uses: Simple, Pure, Cool, Elegance, Cute 

Ongoing Sports Edit

Wear your cool lively jersey for sports!

Uses: simple, lively, cute, pure, and cool.

Where Is Spring Edit

In this lively season, cute pure clothing is perfect for an outing.

Uses: Lively, Pure, Cute, Simple, Cool

The Queen Edit

Grace and maturity is the way of Iron Queen.

Uses: mature, gorgeous, cool, elegant, and sexy.

Cloud Lady Edit

Cloud girl is well known for their elegance and purity.

Uses: pure, elegant, mature, warm, and gorgeous

Spring Outing Edit

Our lovely Timi invites Nikki to a vivid spring outing!

Uses: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, and Cool

Summer Party Edit

The simple pure dress is key to a cool party in summer!

Uses: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Cool