Premise Edit

In the styling arena, you directly compete head to head against other players in a one on one challenge based on a theme. This is the primary source of Starlight Coins, as you gain Starlight Coins even if you lose. You gain three per loss and five per win. There are also tiers to obtain as you gain more points in the arena. Each win gives you points and each loss loses points. The amount you gain or lose is based off of the points of the player you are against.

Themes Edit

There are a few different themes that players will encounter. Some themes will not show up until you reach a higher rank.

Intern TranslatorEdit

"To show Professionalism, simple and elegant outfit is very important"

Uses cute, cool, elegance, pure, simple.

Christmas Reunion Edit

All friends and family get together and raise their glasses!

Uses warm, cute, simple, lively, and pure.

Golden Odeum Edit

Nikki is invited to the piano concert in the Golden Odeum.

Uses gorgeous, elegance, mature, sexy, and warm.

Summer Story Edit

The summer in Miraland is hot enough to melt everything.

Uses simple, elegance, cute, pure, and cool.

Fairytale Garden Edit

Only by keeping the eternal innocence can you stay young forever.

Uses gorgeous, elegance, cute, pure, and cool.

Imperial Ball Edit

Queen Elle of Pigeon Kingdom is inviting Nikki to her imperial ball!

Uses gorgeous, elegance, mature, sexy, and warm.

Peerless Beauty Edit

This peerless beauty is surpassing all flowers

Uses gorgeous, elegance, mature, pure, and warm.

Beach Party Edit

Nikki is going to the beach party in Wintermount to have a good time!

Uses simple, lively, cute, sexy, and cool.

Office Star Edit

She followed Vivi to Apple Federal to be an office lady.

Uses simple, elegance, mature, sexy, and cool.

A Growing Lady Edit

A slightly mature lady is delicate for she has both the youth and the elegance.

Uses: simple, elegance, mature, pure, and warm.

Fire in the Winter Edit

Uses: Pure, Elegance, Cool, Cute, Gorgeous (Gorgeous, Sexy, Lively, Warm, Cute) 

Great Detective Edit

The streets of Pigeon Kingdom is like the Baker Street in memory.

Uses: simple, elegance, mature, pure, and warm.

Delicate Beauty Edit

Uses: Simple, Pure, Cool, Elegance, Cute 

Ongoing Sports Edit

Aron dragged Nikki to attend the Lilith Marathon. Get your clothes ready!

Uses: simple, lively, cute, pure, and cool.

Where Is Spring Edit

Uses: Lively, Pure, Cute, Simple, Cool

The Queen Edit

Call me the Queen!!' 'Do you think you are the iron-and-blood queen?!'

Uses: mature, gorgeous, cool, elegant, and sexy.

Cloud Lady Edit

Cloud girl is well known for their elegance and purity.

Uses: pure, elegant, mature, warm, and gorgeous

Spring Outing Edit

Our lovely Timi invites Nikki to a vivid spring outing!

Uses: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, and Cool

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