The Stylist Association is located beneath the Mystery House. An association is a coalition of members who work together to progress through stages and craft suits. There are many benefits when you create or join an Association, such as chatting with other members, getting exclusive items, and completing bonus stages known as Commissions.

Each week the members are ranked based on their level of activity.

Creating an AssociationEdit

The requirements for creating an Association are the following.

Upon creation, the player can name their association and choose a symbol of one of the 7 Nations. The Player will also be able to choose who can join their association, and up to twenty people are allowed to join until the association levels up.

Players can also quit an Association but will have to wait twenty-four hours before they can create or join a new one. Any benefits gained during their time in an Association will remain.

Association LevelEdit

Raise your Association Level by collecting Growth. The level determines the member and daily request attempt limit.

  • Level 2: 800 Growth
  • Level 3: 2,000 Growth
  • Level 4: 4,000 Growth
  • Level 5: 7,000 Growth
  • Level 6: 12,000 Growth
  • Level 7: 20,000 Growth
  • Level 8: 32,000 Growth
  • Level 9: 50,000 Growth
  • Level 10: 75,000 Growth


The main screeen is divided into six sections:


BulletinStyle ContestLibrary

  • Members - allows you to view all members of the group as well as promote, demote, or kick out members depending on your position
  • Commissions - where members complete stages to obtain items to trade for 4 Seasons outfit parts in the Fantasy Workshop
  • Shop - where you can purchase various items from the Association Store
  • Bulletin - where members chat
  • Style Contest - work with other members to collect materials and create suits in the Shadow Workshop.
  • Library - where the player can gain various benefits by reading books or gain Growth and Association Coins by Sorting Material/Donating a Book