Sword Girl
Sword Girl
Riding a white horse with a silver saddle, she is as fast as a shooting star.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Suit
Rarity  ??????
Color White/Black/Orange
How to Obtain Crafting

Sword Girl is a Cloud Empire suit of pieces obtained shopping, crafting, and evolving.

For completion the Player could obtain 8,800 Gold.

Suit Edit

Appearance Edit

Minstrel BoyEdit

A black chest-length hair style with locks worn on the shoulder. The long bangs are spread out, and a some of the hair is pulled into a bun on top of the head.


A white top with a black layer over it, held by a dark orange and black obi held by a grey ribbon to match the one on the shoulder that hangs like a scarf. One sleeve covers the entire arm, while the other has an accessory and glove.


White puffy leggings held by dark orange ribbon near the bottom. A flowing white skirt-like cloth wraps around the waist, held by a large orange and gold drinking container with a black belt and rope.

Ink Riding BootsEdit

Black point-toed shoes with white sole. White fabric wraps around the lower leg, held by light grey ribbons.

Curtained HatEdit

A wide straw hat with a long, sheer white fabric that hangs and covers the users face. A single, dark orange tassel hangs from the side.

Face VeilEdit

A white sheer veil with dark orange details.

Kylin SwordEdit

A black and gold sword with dark orange details.