Tranquil Autumn
Autumn Miraland is covered with golden maple leaves. It seems to wait for an awakening beneath the tranquility.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Dress
Style Apron
Attributes SimpleCute
Rarity H2
Color Blue/Yellow
Wardrobe # 44
How to Obtain Clothing Store and Pavilion of Mystery

Tranquil Autumn is a dress the player can obtain from purchasing it from the Clothes Store or from the Pavilion of Mystery.

Appearance Edit

A short denim dress with pleat skirt and a thin white belt decorated by a tiny bow. A pocket rests on the right of the chest, and three buttons go down the center. Beneath the dress is pale chiffon fabric with puffed sleeves.

Customization Edit

Frosty Winter: 1 Pearl White dye, 10 Material.

Floral Spring: 1 Lemon Yellow, 10 Material.

Torrid Summer: 1 Garnet Red dye, 10 Material.

Attributes Edit

Simple: A
Lively: A
Cute: A
Sexy: B
Cool: A