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Clothing Pages


  1. Appearance
  2. Customization
  3. Crafting
  4. Evolution
  5. Gallery Suit if suit can be found in gallery and Story Suit if it can be found in story suit.
  6. Attributes


  1. Customization - just put the link and the needed materials/dye.
  2. Crafting - Crafted from: and then Used to craft: as sub-headings. Then list the ingredients as bullet points under the type. Examples: Bunny Pocket-Pink and Demeanor-Blue.
  3. Evolution - Evolved from: and Evolves into: as sub-headings. Then list what's needed like the number. Cost is optional. Example: Butterfly-Rare
  4. Gallery/Story Suits - Put what suit the item is a part of and list the other items in the suit. If there's an alternate series to the suit, list the items in that as well. Example: Genial Sunshine.
  5. Attributes - use the attributes template to get something like this:
Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Cool

Suit Pages

After adding the template, start by saying how to get the suit. Then, skip a line and add the suit completion reward. After that, add a heading called Wardrobe and list the items in the suit. If there are alternate versions, add a subheading for them and list their items. If the suit has a story, add a section for it and either link it to the page with the story or add the story there. Finally, add the nav box template by typing
{{Gallery Suits navigation}}
{{Story Suits navigation}}

Examples: Miss Bone, Truth Seer, & White Swan